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Company information Caspian plastic Aria

As one of the largest manufacturers of disposable containers, Caspian Plastic Aria Industries started its activities in 2007 in an area of over 15,000 square meters. Currently, Caspian Plastic Aria Industries Company is a member of disposable containers manufacturers association. From the beginning, the company put on the agenda the construction of workshops equipped with modern and standard machinery and providing technical staff, with the aim of producing top-quality and healthy products based on international standards. It managed to have a strong, continuous presence in the domestic and regional markets by creating an appropriate production environment, the use of scientific and macro-management principles, R&D and Training


Caspian Plastic Aria Company has planned to become one of the best and most attractive companies producing disposable containers in the country by respecting the principle of customer orientation through innovation in the company activities and technology promotion, with full control on national, regional and international markets as well as institutionalizing sustainable development.

1.The supply, production and delivery of high-quality, healthy products based on international standards .
2. Expand market share through Increase the competitive power.
3.Move centered on customer orientation
4.Promote the knowledge, skills and abilities of human resources through effective trainings.
5.Upgrade the level of technical knowledge and updating the product lines.
6.Use of ICT and Entering the field of e-commerce


1. Preservation of ecosystem and its health
2. Attention to national interests based on social responsibility and human values
3. Observance of the rights and interests of all stakeholders
4. Development of partnerships and team work
5. Dynamic entrepreneurship


Caspian Plastic Aria company obtained the operation and construction license from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education with Grade A, the food safety management certificate ISO 22000, the quality management system certificate ISO 9001: 2008. The company has planned to obtain the environmental quality certificate ISO 14001 and the international certificate of measuring customer satisfaction ISO 10004.